How Do No Deposit Bonuses Work?

How does a no deposit bonus work at an online casino? The bonus enables players to enjoy real money wagers without spending a coin. The offers may be in the form of a free bet, cash bonuses, and free spins.

Everyone loves some freebies. Casinos know this and exploit such to get more players to deposit and play at their platforms. One of the popular bonuses is the no deposit bonus. Read on to know more about the no deposit bonuses.

What are online casino no deposit bonuses?

As this name suggests, a no deposit bonus is an offer by the casino that does not require the players to deposit to claim it. It is usually a small bonus offered to new players to give them a taste of the casino platform. While there are no deposit bonuses for existing players, the bulk of the offers focus on new players.  Offers for existing players are meant to reward them for being loyal or consistent on the platform. The no deposit bonuses may include a cash bonus or any other offer with value, such as the free spins.

The Difference between Free Spins and Cash Bonuses

Free spins are offers to play a given number of rounds on a particular game title free. The free slots with no bonus are usually offered on slot games. On the other hand, cash bonuses can be used on other game categories, which do not use the word spin to define a round of play. In most cases, there can only be either of the two and not both.

Free Plays

A free play is essentially a no deposit bonus but in the form of an easy approach to a game. Instead of the casino giving you a given number of spins to make on a particular game, it gives you a period within which you can play free and win real money. After the elapse of the period, the casino will deem you to have used the no deposit bonus. This offer is often available with slot games or live casinos.

Free Chips

Free chips are usually popular with crypto casinos. Players get chips worth a particular value to play one or many live casino tables on the platform. The free chips are only activated when you open the specific table where the bonus was offered. Most casinos will give you a choice of whether to pick a chip or any other no deposit bonus. Always compare the value and choose what you prefer most.

Do I Need To Deposit Money to Get Bonus

You do not need to deposit money to get a no deposit bonus at your favorite casino. The whole essence of having such offers is to give you a chance to enjoy offers at the casino before making your deposit. This means the requirement for getting this bonus are easy such as joining and opting in. Unfortunately, such offers are usually few and wide apart when joining the favorite casino. 

How to Claim No Deposit Bonus

The process for claiming a no deposit bonus may vary from one casino to the other. However, most of the procedures are the same. Here is a quick look at the salient steps in the procedure.

Procedure for Claiming No Deposit Welcome Bonus

Here is the procedure for claiming a new deposit bonus if you are a new player.

  1. Visit the casino website with your device
  2. Locate the signup button, usually on the top right-hand side of the casino
  3. Click the signup link and follow the prompts
  4. Fill in the information asked during signup. You will be asked to give your name, location, choice of currency, and contact details.
  5. Complete the signup process
  6. Verify the casino account by clicking the link sent to the email you provided or entering a code sent to your mobile device
  7. Male your first login using the credentials that you created when opening the account
  8. Visit the promotions section of the  website and locate the no deposit bonus
  9. Read the bonus terms and conditions and opt in
  10. Execute the bonus according to the terms and conditions that you read.

Note: Some bonuses may require you to opt in before signing up, while others may offer a code that you enter during the signup process.  Be sure to check these requirements before signing up. Some casinos require you to connect your payment method before taking a no deposit offer. However, you are not required to make a deposit.

Claiming No Deposit Bonuses for Existing Players

The no deposit bonus offers for existing players are usually few and varied. Therefore, there is no standard procedure for claiming these offers. All you do is visit the promotions section and read the terms and conditions for the offer at hand before following the said terms. Here are some popular no deposit bonuses for existing players.

  • Bonuses for logging into your casino account regularly: The casino may send you a reward for checking your account regularly. This may also include playing various games regularly.
  • Bonuses for inviting customers to the platform: These are affiliate-like bonuses where players get a link to share with friends. If their friends sign up with the link and make their first deposit, the casino rewards the referring player with a cash bonus or free spins. 
  • Bonuses for liking and following the casino on social media pages: You can get rewarded for following the casino on the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Wagering Requirements for a No Deposit Bonus

Like any other bonuses at the casino, the no deposit bonus comes with various wagering requirements that you must meet if you hope to withdraw the bonus winnings. Here is a quick look at some of the salient bonus terms and conditions.

Bonus Validity: No deposit bonuses come with a time limit within which you should have completed the terms and conditions. Most such bonuses have a validity period of a few days to a week. However, you will find platforms that offer bonus validity for up to 30 days.

Wagering requirements: The wagering requirement denotes the number of times you should wager the winnings from the bonus before you are allowed to withdraw the money. Most no deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 25x to 60x. However, a few offers do not come with any wagering requirements.

Games contribution: This is the percentage that specific games contribute towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirement. If a game does not contribute 100% towards the condition, you will be required to wager the bonus winnings for more than the stated number of times. Here is an example. If a game has a contribution of 50% towards a wagering requirement of 40 times. It means that you have to play the game 80 times with the bonus to meet the requirement.

Sticky and withdrawable bonus: Sometimes, the casino subtracts the initial bonus value from the offer. Therefore, the amount you withdraw will be the net winnings that you make from removing the bonus. Besides, some bonuses cannot be withdrawn. You can only play with the offer at some fun games. These bonuses are few and less appealing to players.

A no deposit bonus is usually an invitation to play or a reward for being a loyal player in the casino. These offers may come in various forms, including free spins, cash bonuses, and free bets. Check if your casino has such offers before signing up or currently if you are a regular player. 

What are wagering requirements?

The wagering requirements are how many times you must play with the bonus winnings to withdraw the money. Most casinos put the cash in the bonus section until you meet the requirement.

How do one qualify for a no deposit bonus?

You can qualify for a no deposit bonus in different ways. You may be a new player in a casino with the offer, have no deposit casino bonus codes from an affiliate platform, or enjoy no deposit offers for existing players.

Can you withdraw your no deposit bonus winnings?

Yes. Most casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings from your casino as long as you meet the terms and conditions for the offer. We recommend you read and understand these terms before claiming the bonus.

Why do Casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

There are a few reasons why casinos may offer no deposit bonuses. They may want to attract new players to the platform by enabling them to try the platform. Existing players may get the bonus as part of the rewards for being loyal.

Can you claim the no deposit bonus twice?

No. You cannot claim the offer twice unless in the case of affiliate links to invite new customers.

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