Stake Crash Strategy – Guide And Tips

Stake Crash

We’ll be plain: there’s no Crash Stake strategy. Based on our testing, this game is 100% random, and you can’t really control it. There’s only an illusion of it. Stake creates it by allowing you to cash out at any moment while the multiplier grows.

Even though there’s no comprehensive Stake Crash strategy, we can use the math that stands behind a growing multiplier to tailor our playing to our budget. Let us explain.

The higher the multiplier grows, the more chances it has to crash (for you to lose). Our research indicates that going above 2.00x is risky. So, if your budget isn’t stretchy, we recommend you cash out strictly before 2.00x.

High-rollers can play differently. If your budget exceeds $100 per session, you can afford to fish for 2.00x+ multipliers. But before, ensure you have a proper bet amount. If you plan to cash out half of your budget at 4.00x, you’ll flush your budget down the toilet in seconds.

How to Play Crash on Stake

Applying these “strategies for Crash at Stake” is very easy. Thanks to the “Auto” tab, you can fully automate your playing and just watch the multipliers pay you. Stake’s “Auto” mode allows you to customize your bet amount, number of bets, cashout multiplier, increase your bet on win/lose, and to indicate a profit/loss to stop.

These automation features are available to all Stake Originals games. So, feel free to use them to shape the Stake Hi-Lo strategy, Keno Stake strategy, Dice Stake strategy, etc.

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Last updated: 06 Feb 24
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